An Open Letter

I launched CreateHS during my freshman year in high school. What began as a small side project, grew into something bigger than I could’ve ever imagined. Below are a few fun stats.

1,000+ entries have been submitted.

– Entries have come from kids who live in 75+ different countries.

$20,000+ in prizes have been rewarded.

But to me, this has been about more than just some numbers. CreateHS has been an incredible experience and one that I will always remember. I’ve improved my knowledge in programming, connected with hundreds of like-minded students, worked with leaders in the tech industry, and began to understand how to manage a complex and growing project.

As I head off to college this year, I feel that it’s only right to pass this contest over to someone.

So, if you think that you’re the right person to run CreateHS, here’s what you have to do: build a site that displays who you are and why you’re the perfect candidate to run this site.

Thanks to all the judges, sponsors, and contestants. You all helped make this what it is today.
-Ethan Eirinberg


You don’t have to be in high school, but just to set a cap, you have to be younger than 22 years old.

The only judge will be myself and the only prize is the site itself (domain, current state of the site, social media handles, etc.).

Once you have the site, I’d be happy to provide feedback and would love an occasional update, but for the most part, its yours to do what you want with it.

I haven’t set a deadline for this challenge, but it probably won't be for a while (I want as many participants as possible).

Send an email with a link to your site (use to upload if you're having trouble) to ethan @ the url of this site.